Brazil Single Origin Arabica Capsule Coffee 10 pcs

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LePresso Brazil Single Origin Arabica is an exceptional coffee choice, offered in a practical 10-pack. Each pack includes aluminum capsules that are expertly crafted to maintain the distinct taste and scent of the coffee. Originating solely from Brazil, these capsules contain a 100% original blend of single-origin Arabica beans, delivering a pure and top-quality coffee experience. With an intensity level of 8, this coffee provides a strong and rich flavor that's both hearty and enjoyable. Ideal for coffee lovers who seek the unique flavor of Brazilian Arabica, LePresso's aluminum capsules ensure every cup is fresh and brimming with taste.

  • Brazil 
  • Single Origin Arabica 
  • 100% Original Blend 
  • Aluminum Capsules 
  • 8 Intensity

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