Crop Mini Portable Espresso Manual Hand Coffee Maker

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Product Name: Portable Espresso Machine Travel Gadgets Manually Operated Perfect for Camping Hiking
Size: 60*198mm
Material: 304 Stainless Steel/PP
Coffee Powder Capacity:10g
Water Tank Capacity: 140ml
Pressure: 8bar


* No Battery/Power Required, Manual Operation only! Small, Light and Versatile, you can use any kind of Coffee Powder, Giving you more Flexibility to try new Flavors.
* You Need to Add Boiling Water! Enjoy Delicious Coffee at Home, in the Office and on the go.
The Operation is Simple, Add Coffee Powder to the Filter Basket, Gently Apply Pressure to Grind Evenly, add Hot Water to the Water Tank, and Finally, he Unlocks the Piston from its Stroke Position and Pumps it Several Times to Pressurize and Extract it The Perfect Espresso with a Lot of Crema.
* Easy to Clean, After Each Use, Easy to Clean and Maintain Only a Few Seconds; When Necessary, Each Component of the Mobile Filter Can be Easily Separated for Deep Cleaning.
* Suitable for Camping and Outdoor use, fast Outing for Coffee, Hiking and Sports, Office and Work, Students, Family use and so on.

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