IMS Nanotech Competition Shower Screen Sl 200 NT 56mm Nuova, Simonelli

Sale priceDhs. 110.00


NT Integrated membrane shower screen with 200 µm filtering capacity.
This model of shower is coated with the application of nanotechnology, a High NanoQuartz Coating that enhances the non-sticky feature of this shower and allowes for an even better water distribution.

The quartz coating will improve the water flow, make the cleaning process of the shower a simple wipe and increase extraction consistency, more durable and more resistant.


External Diameter : 56,4 mm
Internal Diameter : 55,4 mm
Wall Height : 3,2 mm
Central Hole : M6

Support Disc Perforation
Perforations : Ø 3 mm, 98 holes each containig 19 microperforations
Distribution : Circular
Compatibility: Bezzera – Ellisse, La Pavoni – Baretto, Mavam – Mach Two, Mavam – MM Super Auto, Mavam – Steam Unit, Mavam – Under Counter, Nuova Simonelli – Appia, Nuova Simonelli – Aurelia, Nuova Simonelli – Musica, Nuova Simonelli – Oscar, Rancilio – Specialty, Victoria Arduino – Black Eagle, Victoria Arduino – Eagle One, Victoria Arduino – White Eagle

Product code: Sl 200 NT

Made in Italy

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