LePresso CO2 Capsule

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The LePresso CO2 Capsule can be used to carbonate your water or other drinks by utilizing the instant carbonation machine. The CO2 Capsule is reliable and durable owing thanks to the material used to build this capsule. The 0.6L capsule capacity offers more than 100 cups of sparkling water making it a very useful addition to your household. The capsule can also be used to carbonate other drinks such as mojitos and juices. The capsule can be easily installed into the instant carbonation as well as can be removed without any hassle.

CO2 Capsule

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Aluminum Alloy Material

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Turns water into Sparkling water in seconds

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  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Capacity: 0.6L


  • CO2 Capsule
  • Provides Carbonated Drink 
  • Easy Install & Usage 
  • Reliable & Durable 
  • Carbonates Up To 100 Cups

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