LePresso Sparkling Water Instant Carbonation Machine (without CO2 Capsule)

Sale priceDhs. 150.00


LePresso Sparkling Water Instant Carbonation is a cordless device which can generate 850ml carbonated soda from water, juice or any other non-carbonated beverages. The smart design and easy operation provide you with 850ml Soda in just 4 seconds and the container is easy to carry due to its detachable buttle. The system operation is absolutely automatic, so you just have to attach the CO2 capsule from the bottom, after that, by inserting the bottle and fizzing it the operation begin and in no time, you can enjoy your carbonated beverage. This portable gadget comes really handy for gatherings as it serves you as much sparkling drink as needed in just a snap of a finger.


  • Bottle Capacity: 0.85L 
  • Bottle Material: PET 
  • Machine Material: ABS 
  • Operation Time: 4 Seconds 
  • Color: Black


  • Easy Operation
  • Smart Design 
  • Cordless Design 
  • Environmental Friendly 
  • Premium Material 
  • Built-In Safeguards
  • 4 Seconds Operation

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