Timemore Fish Youth Pour-Over Kettle 700ml Black

Sale priceDhs. 155.00


  • Color        : Black

  • Capacity   : 700 ml

  • Weight     : 542 g

  • Easy to control; water flows 90° angle, straight down
  • Ergonomically designed with comfortable thumb rest
  • Anti scalding wooden handle
  • Made from 304 quality stainless steel

This 700 ml Youth Water Kettle from Timemore is ideal for brewing two smaller cups or one really big one while still giving you enough precision to brew an amazing pour-over. Just as the other kettles from Timemore the stream is constant, even during the slowest pours due to the built in flow restrictor.

The Timemore Youth Kettle is not a water heating device - it should not be used with direct heat sources. It can be used only as a pouring device, for water that has been heated up in a proper kettle.

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