Joefrex - Cleaning Steam Brush for Espresso Machine

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It has never been easier.

Just connect the hose to the steam wand and you’ll be able to easily remove all encrusted coffee residues.

The new version has now the silicone hose adaptor which is compatible with every steam wand independently from your coffee machine brand.

  • Made of stainless steel and silicone
  • Connects to espresso machine steam wand and utilises steam power and brush functionality for cleaning group heads
  • JoeFrex Cleaning Steam Brush, the ultimate steam brush for removing persistant stains and coffee residues like oils and grease from your espresso machine parts.

    Connects simply to the steam wand of your machine, comes with two spare bristles and a set of adapters. This steam brush is perfect to maintain and clean your equipment for optimal results.

  • The kit includes:

    - 1 Complete Cleaning Steam Brush for Shower

    - 2 Spare Brush

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