Spokj Steam Wand Cleaning Tool 2pcs

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The Spokj sponge is a useful tool for baristas to keep the steam wand of their coffee machine clean. A simple gesture, quickly and easily, for an impeccable service behind the counter.


- Polyurethane-based sponge, antibacterial and certified for food contact
- Shell in anti-scaling polyurethane rubber, thermally insulating from heat and liquids
- Raised edge for isolation from the work surface
- Through hole for bacterial dispersion.

The Sponge can be rinsed under the tap, it can be soak in disinfectant solution or even washed in the dishwasher.

With the Spokj Sponge you can say ‘Stop’ to:

- Use of thick multipurpose cloths
- Contamination of other substances
- Dirty / encrusted lances
- Burns and wet hands
- Unpleasant smell of burnt milk

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