ZeroHero Propeller Hand Coffee Grinder 2.0-Silver

Sale priceDhs. 350.00


  • Model: zerohero propeller S03 hand grinder V2.0
  • Material: Aluminum alloy body, walnut, silicone, stainless steel burr
  • Capacity: 15g bean bin, 20g powder bin
  • Color: Silver
  •  Patented folding handle, easy to carry;
  • Original 6-star stainless steel burr (HG6-38), sharper, 38mm diameter burr, fast grinding, low fine powder rate;
  • Precision structure inside,  ground coffee evenly;
  •  12-grids one circle, point-point adjustment setting,  meet more brewing needs ;
  • Espresso: 15 clicks
  • Mocha: 24 clicks
  • Hand brew/ice drip/siphon: 32 clicks (factory default)
  • French press coffee: 40 clicks
  •  Durable Aluminum alloy body through CNC cutting process, with a silicone cover, non-slip and easy to hold;
  • Propeller design

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